Are these items good?

January 04, 2018

Are these items good?

When looking for advanced devices for our life, we can find in the way that some of them are really expensive, like, really over the price, and that make us think, they are really that good for me to spend all that money? So I’m making you a list with all the new products I found, pros and cons they have, to you! Just don’t spend your money that fast, okay?

First we have the Riva Audio Arena, a powerful speaker, portable and with good sound quality.

The Good the Riva Arena is the first truly portable Chromecast built-in speaker. It offers decent sound quality and a number of useful features, including device charging, splash-proofing and direct Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Bad The battery pack costs $100 extra. The speaker can sound a little boxy and unfocused at times. The Sonos Play: 1 and the cheaper Denon Heos 1 both sound better.

The Bottom Line the Riva Arena is a likable Chromecast speaker with a portable option, but it’s not quite as sophisticated as its rivals.

Next we have an actually smart light, September has been a busy month for smart lighting manufacturer Lifx. First it added Apple Home Kit compatibility to its line of smart LEDs, then it introduced three mini versions of its classic bulbs. Now Lifx is announcing Tile, a Nanoleaf-Aurora-esque color-changing LED wall panel.

Available for preorder now on the Lifx website, the Tile starter kit costs $250 for five wall panels and one US, Canadian or international power adapter. At the current exchange rate, Tile pricing converts too roughly £185 or AU$315. Lifx Tile kits will start shipping in November.

This are only a few options for you to consider, they are really good looking, but is up to your judgement if you really need them or not.