1pcs Premium Starburst Diffraction Glasses Clear Lens 3D Glasses For Raves,Music Festivals,Light Shows,Concerts&Fireworks

Red Color
Pink Color
Blue Color
Orange Color
Green Color
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Sensor Type: 13500 Lines Fireworks Rainbow Gratings Glasses
Display Number: None
Controllers: No
3D Glasses Type: Polarized
Camera: No
Gesture Recognition: No
Brand Name: HONY
Real-time Map Construction: No
Wireless network Type: For New Year Holidays,Concerts Lighting and Christmas lights
Base Stations: No
Compatible Device: No
All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: No
Set Type: Glasses Only
Package: Yes
Ports: For EDM Events&Fireworks Laser Rave Shows
Model Number: PH0018FW
FOV: For Science class and learning the study of light waves
Viewing Experience: Non-Immersive
Type: Diffraction Glasses
Glasses Type: Plastic 13500 Lines Diffraction Glasses
Transmittance: 90%
Color: Pink.Red,Orange,Green,Black&Blue Color
Quality standard: High standard A+
Applications: Concerts, Fireworks festivals, Party and more
Frame Material: PC Plastic
Usage Area: For Dance Event, Festival, Celebration, Night Club, Etc
Lens Color: Super 13500 Gratings Laser Clear Lens
Feature 1: For gift,a birthday party,Concerts Club or 3d promotional use
Feature 2 : Ultimate Diffraction Glasses provide strong diffraction effect

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